My Valuable Friends, 
Being one of branches with the widest content in today, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has made significant progresses in the last quarter of 20th century. In the last quarter, the developments, which excite all people, have been achieved both in reconstructive surgery and plastic surgery in parallel with improvements in medical engineering. Today, rapid development in microsurgery has allowed transplantation and replantation as a routine surgery attempts. Biologically-adapted implant and materials and developed surgical technics enable us to obtain more natural and successful results in plastic surgery.
Despite of all these positive developments, the applications of Plastic Surgery should never been turned into fashion or trend. Plastic surgery is not also an absolute necessity. For this reason, it is a circumstance which is required to be thought on very carefully and meticulously.
What you should not forget is that what this surgery will contribute to you and whether it meets your expectation or not. In spite of all developments, it is a dreamy approach to expect the same performance from all cases and to receive an excellent result and it never complies with the reality.
The success is parallel with a realist expectation which is scrutinized smoothly and carefully. The experience, accumulation of knowledge and skills of the surgeon reach significance solely in cases where realist results to be expected. The plastic surgery does not mean drawing picture or sculpturing. The divinest creature with the material is human.